Why LED?

LED is the most efficient form of lighting up virtually any space be it your home, commercial building, workshop, factory or sporting field.

Don’t believe us?  A standard 36-watt tube uses about 40 Watts of energy including control gear.

Replacing that with an LED tube is 14 watts.

That is a 65% saving on Every Tube

Based on 100 Tubes, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week @ $0.38/kWh

Every day it is costing you nearly $8.00

Every year it is costing you over $2,000.00

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Why are we different?

Everyone has LED products; it is our service and the fact that we will only use Australian Standard Approved products that makes us market leaders.

We want you to keep coming back because you want to not because you have to.

With this in mind, all the LED products we use come with a 5-year parts and labour warranty and you will not have to spend a cent on repairs for 5 years.

We are accessible, affordable and will always respond quickly to your requirements and solve them.  We won’t leave you waiting for a solution.


Some of the Product Manufacturers we use are:





Gerard Lighting


But I can get LED lights cheaper over the internet and from China.

This is correct and yes you can, however, be very careful.

  • It is illegal for your electrician to install a product that is not Australian Standard Compliant.
  • Your insurance company will not cover you for any fires caused by no compliant items.  (Remember the hoverboard house fires)
  • It is highly likely that these cheap imported items will last for 5 years and you will then have to fit the bill for replacements and installation all over again.

Contact us now to save money on your lighting bill with people who will actually respond to YOUR needs. What are you waiting for?