Our Process

There are really only two ways to reduce your energy bills.  

Reducing the amount you use and then buying cheaper energy.

  • Reducing the amount you use starts with identifying your current usage patterns and loads.
    1. We will ask for your energy bills for the last two periods
    2. Changing your lighting can save you over 60% on your lighting energy.  

Yes, this is a fact.  No, we are not overstating this.  36w fluoro replaced with a 14w LED is a 61% saving straight away and there is no maintenance.  

  • Controlling your Air-conditioning loads so they are operating efficiently and only on when you need them.
    1. Correcting your power factor
    2. There are other options but these are the basics
  • Buying Cheaper Energy
    1. Installation of a correctly sized Solar Generation System
      1. You can buy the system outright
      2. Or you can use a power purchase agreement where there is no upfront cost for the system and you pay a reduced rate for the energy generated by the system  (Commercial Only)
    2.  A better deal with your retailer
    3. Installation of battery storage to become more self-reliant and further reduce your energy costs.

The other consideration is what do you do when the lights go out?

We can assist with a range of back up generation and battery storage systems to suit your needs.

Contact us now to start saving energy. Your wasting money right now!!

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