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We can install, repair or maintain ANYTHING electrical!

Experienced Commercial Electrical Contractors Serving Adelaide


The team at Electric Results are experienced commercial electrical contractors who have been serving Adelaide for many years. Our contractors are well-versed in even the most complex of commercial electrical systems and can handle a wide range of electrical projects.

As a company with a reputation for providing comprehensive electrical services, always being transparent and our commitment to customer satisfaction, we promise to handle every project with professionalism and expertise.

From small-scale repairs to large-scale installations, repair of faulty electrical equipment, upgrades to switchboards, or preventive maintenance, we prioritise understanding your requirements, so we can tailor our solutions accordingly.

We know how dangerous electrical work can be, especially for non-professionals, so we guarantee to place great importance on safety and take all necessary precautions to protect your premises and employees. We are always happy to work with anyone that requires our service. You can trust that our experienced commercial electricians are trained in best practices to get the job done right the first time.

What do we do?

At ER, we specialise in the following areas.

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Fixed Asset Management

We can look after your most important assets, collaborating with your current systems

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Maintenance & Upgrades

We can install, repair & maintain anything electrical

EV Chargers convenience

BMS (Building Management Systems)

Look after your business effectively, in real-time

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Renewables & Energy

Lower your energy consumption through environmentally conscious solutions

Maintenance & Upgrades

From changing your lightbulbs, to complete overhauls of factories and offices, we do what needs to be done.

Our commitment to excellence results in technicians being on time, completing quality installations, maintenance and repairs, and leaving the job site tidy while meeting all Australian Electrical Standards, including AS3003 body protected areas.

Proud members & partners of:

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Greater efficiency is just a call away

Fixed Asset Management

Fixed Asset Management is tracking, recording & maintaining physical assets and equipment. Anything you deem to be important & requires visibility and maintenance, we can look after it for you.

Who benefits?


• What have I got
• Where is it
• When was it last tested
• When is the next test due
• What is currently broken

C-suite, Accounts & Finance

• When did l install the asset
• Cost of install
• When does the warranty expire
• When do I replace it
• What will this replacement cost


• Streamlined and simple
• Reminders so you have less to worry about
• Open & transparent reporting
• Reduced Costs
• Compliance

We can Install, Repair and Maintain anything Electrical.

Building Management Systems

BMS, or Building Automation Systems, are computer based control systems that monitor and control a building's mechanical and electrical equipment.

We create custom systems to help you look after your business in real time.

BMS Benefits:

• Reducing time and costs
• Scalable operations
• Real-time monitoring for quick solutions
• After hours alarm and automation controls

• Improvement and optimisation of your business
• Can be integrated to current systems
• + A lot more

Our BMS can help you monitor & control all these systems, from any internet connected device


  • Chillers and Boilers
  • Cooling Towers & Pumps


  • Generators, Power & Solar
  • Energy Metering

• General and Emergency Lighting
• Security, Fire & CCTV
• Other Networks

Solar Panels Lightinus

Renewables & Energy

Choosing who to help you with your solar and energy needs can be quite exhausting - there are so many choices, providers and installers. There are also many cowboys in the industry, how do you trust what you hear?

We are a Commercial Electrical Contractor that understands solar, how to design to provide the most value in your circumstances. We want to help you understand the technical knowledge and information, to make the right choice for you, and help install the panels and batteries.


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We recently discussed our asset management system and as explained, we contracted Electric Results to implement their asset management system back in 2015. We’ve been extremely satisfied with the robustness and simplicity of the system, the seamless way the Programmed Preventive Maintenance is scheduled and delivered and the way the system has been configured to meet the specific reporting requirements set by the Commonwealth.

Prior to having ER manage our assets, we had an ad hoc and disconnected system and obtaining reliable data to meet the reporting requirements was problematic. We were often experiencing problems with PPM being missed (Defence stipulate this has to happen 6 monthly) and it was not uncommon to receive Commonwealth Contract Notices detailing their view of asset management breaches and steps required to mitigate these risks.

Since this was implemented in 2015, we have not received a single Contract Notice or complaint from the Commonwealth about the asset management and I would be confident in recommending Electric Results.

Paul McEvoy

Troy and the Electric Results team have been instrumental to the major facilities and site infrastructure upgrades of the Western Hospital, taking the lead role in coordination of services electrical works, as well as coordinating the BMS upgrades to allow for a fully functioning, easy to navigate and reliable control system.

Tim Randall

Senior Mechanical Engineer | Lucid Consulting
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