Recurring Maintenance Planner

The Recurring Maintenance Planner is the powerhouse behind the Electric Results Asset Management System, which systemises and automates testing planning and simplifies how to identify the status of a test and any action required.

When assets are added to the system, the Electric Results team enters the start date for that property, and the system automatically schedules all future tests for the life of the contract.

Every test automatically has an electronic copy of the test form attached, meaning that it is easy to track whether a scheduled test has been completed, and any failures that require action. Colour indicators are handy visual prompters to quickly identify any failure or impairment results.


Ready Reports

The Electric Results Client Management Portal allows users to search for failures, run reports to view what tests are scheduled versus those tests that have been completed, see the history of service on individual assets and much more. Reports are dynamic and on demand, and unlimited access to the portal provides complete and immediate access to electronic copies of every test completed, as well as all quotes and jobs.


Set the Schedule

The portal’s Routine Maintenance Planner allows a technician to be booked for all future tasks, or changed as required utilising a fully-featured ‘drag and drop’ scheduling interface. Individual technicians can be selected based on their expertise, availability, geographic operating zone or even by client preference.


Check the facts

Using the Electric Results Asset Management System, maintenance schedules can be viewed by our technicians via smart phones while onsite. These form a check sheet that lets technicians understand exactly what is required for each type of asset and each type of service. The system immediately notifies about any failure via the portal so that it can be quoted and provided to the client immediately – meaning risks or potential problems are immediately and resolved.